Parent/ Child Workshop

Parent/ Child Workshop


Do you have children that are involved in active movement or sports? Children and young people involved in variety of sports and activities undergo much muscular stress. There is plenty of research to prove there is no doubt they greatly benefit from consented therapeutic massage to promote quicker recovery and enhance physical performance.

In this workshop, prior to learning techniques, the Giver learns to communicate with the child about what healthy touch is. 

They also learn to explain boundaries of what is appropriate, and they learn to ask for the child's consent prior to each and every session they give. 

The Giver is first educated on their serious role and limitations they must respect. 

The course is designed help the Giver educate the child to understand that it is good for the child to receive but also empowers the child to decide when they prefer to receive or not. 

In this workshop, the Giver also learns to deliver specific techniques to the scalp, shoulders, upper back, mid back, lower legs, and feet. 

The children are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes. It is NOT necessary for them to disrobe to receive effective massage. 

We offer special instruction specific to the low back, glutes and upper legs. 

We are incredibly cautious about this particular course as we know Child Exploitation is very real. We want to insist on the seriousness of being a Giver to children. This course does NOT GRANT permission for the student to offer massage to children outside of their immediate household members.