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Hello there, I'm Cynthia Thomas and I help multitasking people invest in their dreams by teaching them to confidently establish healthy boundaries, fully own their time and live their wonderfully created Life guilt-free!

Being my own person, running a household, homeschooling my kids, and teaching my students while simultaneously running a private practice has taught me SO much about managing priorities, time efficiency, establishing healthy boundaries, and most importantly aligning with my values. I wasn't always this way.

Six years ago when this venture started I was a complete mess. It seemed impossible to successfully hold my family together, keep my girls at home, and run a practice, let alone go to a gym and have a social life. 

Thankfully, I have learned to not only be present for my children and family, but also run a thriving practice AND live happily enjoying life's simple and beautiful moments. I want to share with the world that you don't have to wait or put your dreams on hold. You can wear more than one hat and do great at managing different areas of your life successfully!

How do we work together?


We set up a time to meet and have a serious no bull conversation. I listen to you and show up for you in the best way I can by intensively listening and saying to you the things that most people would not want to say. I am straight forward, direct and unapologetic. The conversation might become uncomfortable but powerfully insightful.

The ideal candidate for my signature program is:

  • Struggling with balancing life

  • Searching for the perfect support system that would walk with them every step of the way

  • Committed, driven, responsible and willing to take ownership of habits and ready to implement new ones

  • Ready to let the guard down, reach out connect and accept help

  • Willing to grow out of their familiarity and step into a newer version of potential

  • Willing to do inner work to experience ah-ha moments and breakthroughs

  • Ready to hit the ground running when we begin our work together

  •  Believes they deserve peace and quality life experience

We work together to identify that which you CAN control- your thoughts, your words, your actions/reactions, your time, your energy, your focus, your emotions and ultimately your stress. We identify your values and tap in to your inner mission and ideal life.

You receive valuable tools and we work through processes together to make sure you arrive to the exact results you sought out for.

After working with me your thought process will be different. New found realizations will change the way you look at things. You will begin to feel more in control and happier because of it. You will wake up everyday feeling better about your life. You will have more confidence, less anxiety, clarity about your next steps, your marriage will feel fun and light like it used to be, your children will begin talking with you again, your influence at work will be impactful and your health will be the best it has been in a long time.


There are 2 Ways Clients Work with Me

(1) 1 on 1 Consulting/Coaching Session

We meet via video conference or at my office where I offer you support and perspective on your life circumstances. There are no assignments or accountability attached. This is best for people that feel anxious about tasks and prefer to share, be heard and encouraged to see a different point of view that may serve them. 
Investment $85 per session
(2) Deep Dive Conversation
You show up fully and authentically to our meet and we have an extraordinary conversation.
We uncover the the ugly raw truth and work through the impact your new insights are giving you.
This takes several hours in one day. Lunch and a walk is included.
Investment $249 per session


We will begin with a 1 on 1 Session first.
That may be all you need.
You may decide you want to go further into exploring more through a deep dive conversation.
Again, that will be up to you. 
Click on the Book A Session Button to schedule our first session.
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