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Hello there, I'm Cynthia Thomas, and I do not sell coaching. I help women invest in their dreams and goals by reducing their fears and removing their blocks. 


How do we work together?


We set up a time to meet and have a serious no bull conversation. I listen to you and show up for you in the best way I can by intensively listening and saying to you the things that most people would not want to say. I am straight forward, direct and unapologetic. The conversation might become uncomfortable but powerfully insightful.


After our conversation you may decide to continue further or not. Maybe that one conversation was all you needed for the moment and you are not interested in working any further. That is totally fine.

My clients are either invited to work with me or are referred by someone that I've already served. 


I ideally work with fun and interesting women going through a transition that are looking for emotional and mental guidance to understand and overcome their fears and blocks.

The ideal candidate for my signature program is:

  • Struggling and failing at balancing life

  • Searching for the perfect support system that would walk with them every step of the way

  • Committed, driven, responsible and willing to take ownership of habits and ready to implement new ones

  • Ready to let the guard down, reach out connect and accept help

  • Willing to grow out of their familiarity and step into a newer version of potential

  • Willing to do inner work to experience ah-ha moments and breakthroughs

  • Ready to hit the ground running when we begin our work together

  •  Believes they deserve peace and quality life experience

We work together to identify that which you CAN control- your thoughts, your words, your actions/reactions, your time, your energy, your focus, your emotions and ultimately your stress. We identify your values and tap in to your inner mission and ideal life.

You receive valuable tools and we work through processes together to make sure you arrive to the exact results you sought out for.

After working with me your thought process will be different. New found realizations will change the way you look at things. You will begin to feel more in control and happier because of it. You will wake up everyday feeling better about your life. You will have more confidence, less anxiety, clarity about your next steps, your marriage will feel fun and light like it used to be, your children will begin talking with you again, your influence at work will be impactful and your health will be the best it has been in a long time.


Contact me to schedule your first deep conversation at no cost to you. 

There are 4 Ways Clients Work with Me

I'll go into further details in person if we end up choosing that route to continue working together.

(1) Deep Dive Conversation
You show up fully and authentically to our meet and we have an extraordinary conversation. We uncover the the ugly raw truth and work through the impact your new insight is giving you. This may take a few hours.
Investment $1k

(2) Signature 2-Day Intensive

  • We spend 2 days together fully immersed in a deep coaching experience
  • Life Analysis Questionnaire
  • Recommended resources, action plan, goal setting, feedback
  • Mindset shifts and breakthroughs
  • Soul Nature Walk
Investment $2500

(3) 5 Month Thinking Partnership Program

  • Life Analysis Questionnaire

  •  3 scheduled virtual sessions per month

  • Recordings of our calls will be available within 24 hours

  • Dedicated phone number for quick brainstorming or questions with a fast response time

Investment $9k

(4) 12 Month Trusted Advisor Program

  • 12 Months of Support

  • Life Analysis Questionnaire and Reassessment every 4 months

  • Up to 4 scheduled virtual sessions per month 

  • Video recordings of our conversation will be available within 24 hours

  • Dedicated phone number for quick brainstorming or questions with a fast response time

  • Recommended resources, action plan, goal setting, and feedback

Investment $20K

Contact me to schedule your first deep conversation at no cost to you. I will only ask you how I can be of service to you that day.

Warmly. Cynthia 

Let’s Work Together

4448 Germanna Hwy, Suite 7C 

Locust Grove, VA 22508

Tel: 540-718-9278

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