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We are massage therapists excellent at delivering skilled Trigger point therapy for the neck, shoulder and back region.
Are you experiencing headaches or migraines? 
Are your shoulders tight from hunching over? 
Do you have chronic tension or soreness?
We're here to help you move better and feel like yourself again!
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45 minutes

Spot treatment for 1-2 areas.


60 minutes

Full body massage - say hello to all your major muscle groups.


75 minutes

Full body massage with extra time to focus on troubled zones.


90 minutes *Most Popular

Full body massage, plus extra time for detailed trigger point work.


60 minute Couple's Massage


Massage Series

Make a sound choice today to invest in your health. 
Your future self will thank you for it!

3 Sessions of 30 Minutes- $165
3 Sessions of 45 Minutes- $210
3 Sessions of 60 Minutes - $255
3 Sessions of  75 Minutes- $300
3 Sessions of 90 Minutes- $345

Massage Therapy Menu

Trigger Point Signature Massage Therapy Treatment for Neck & Back 

* Most Popular

Our specialty is in this troubled zone. We may incorporate steam packs, hot stones, hot towels, trigger point tools etc, We like to address the stubborn muscle tissue in a very intentionally yet gentle way. We keep open lines of communication for pressure. We don't believe in making our clients tap out on the table. Ever. Feeling much looser and amazing may be a side effect.

Mama Massage Therapy: 

Pregnant and uncomfortable? Need to feel better, and hurt less during pregnancy? Cynthia is a Certified Prenatal Massage Specialist. She can help bring pregnancy pain relief. We have no restrictions on how early or late in pregnancy you are. Specially-designed massage tables cushions, and side-lying postures as well as face down cushion supports are available to help you feel comfortable on the table.

Gentle/Palliative Massage Therapy:

This is a gentler approach that works superficially with the connective tissue to provide you with an opportunity to connect with your body and rest from the stressed state. We assist in getting you on or off the table if needed. We also offer the option of receiving a seated massage. Gentle stretches for range of motion are also offered.

Couple's Massage Therapy:

Designed to be shared with a significant other, or enjoy some bonding time with a best friend, daughter, mother, father or sibling while indulging in a side-by-side Therapeutic Massage. A $50 deposit is required for all Couples Massage appointments.

Monthly Massage Therapy Program

75 Minute Program for $85

90 Minute Program for $100

  • You will be billed automatically on the first day of each month

  • Book your session a month in advance to secure your favorite time

  • Birthday month you automatically receive a complimentary 30 minutes added to your session

  • Should you need a second, or third massage within the month you will receive a deeper discount at checkout

  • These monthly memberships can be used by spouse for a happy home =)

  • Minimum 3 Month Commitment

  • No Registration Fee 

  • No Cancellation Fee

Meet the Therapists

Cynthia Thomas, LMT

Owner & Trigger Point Therapist

Certified Prenatal Specialist

Certified Pediatric Specialist

Elizabeth Usedo,


Relaxation Specialist

Geriatric Massage Specialist

Experience with clients undergoing Palliative Care


Why Choose Cynthia?

Girl Power

I lift Heavy Weights! Because Deep Tissue with Trigger Point work is my Specialty I make it a priority to keep up with my strength and self care.

Your Priority is My Focus


At each session I do a thorough intake to determine what your priorities are. You always have the right to withdraw or alter your consent. 

Safe Haven

My space was designed to help you feel relaxed and not judged. I put a lot of love in creating a serene atmosphere for your mind as well as your body.



My name is Cynthia Thomas and I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist,  Certified in Prenatal and Pediatric Massage Therapy based in Locust Grove, Virginia. 

My specialty is Trigger Point Therapy. If I can work on people's trigger points of the neck and back all day long, I would love every second of it!

I moved from CT 4 years ago to take a chance on myself and pursue the Entrepreneur life through Massage.

 I love teaching and bringing life to the Ministry of Compassion for others.

I also love baking cookies with my girls, observing their way of interpreting life, connecting to meaningful relationships, and on quiet nights, snuggling with my cats while reading self development books.

I love keeping a journal, learning and sharing!

Why Choose Elizabeth? 


I have extensive knowledge and experience in the health care field. From Nursing to Occupational Therapy and Hospice and Palliative Care.  I love to stay up to date with the latest research in our industry.

Nurturing Touch

Do you have a hard time relaxing for a massage and stay on edge the whole time? Look no further! Relaxation massage is my specialty and I make sure to listen and answer all your questions to keep you at ease. 

Gentle Geriatric Care


The Senior population are my favorite group of people to serve and Comfort is the top priority. I have all the necessary bolsters, props,  pillows and blankets. Most importantly, I assist them through all the transitions so they never feel rushed when they are with me.


Hello there! My name is Elizabeth Usedo and I am a Licensed Massage therapist with a Specialty in Relaxation Massage located in Locust Grove, VA.

I am highly skilled in delivering gentle and soothing massage therapy for the Senior population. I have extensive experience in focusing on the muscles related to improving posture, balance and flexibility, and joint mobility. I am a strong believer that self care during this stage in life is crucial for personal safety and also combats depression, loneliness and isolation. My clients have reported that they experience more confidence in their movements and feel happy with their quality of life. 

In my spare time, I love doing community service through my church, spending time with my granddaughters and watching funny cat videos.


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